Welcome to St Margaret Church, Addington

"Knowing Jesus, making Jesus known"

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Our Church

We are a church of all ages, with an informal worship style in the evangelical tradition.

Linda our Rector has retired so at present we are in an Interregnum, (In between Rectors) but nevertheless, services continue.

We share several mid-week and monthly activities across the BART Group; some on YouTube at home and some in church. All are welcome to attend. 

The combination of COVID 19 and the Interregnum has forced us to reduce the number of 'in church' services. We currently hold two 11am 'in church' services a month (one open house all age service and one Open House all age communion) and two online services via YouTube. Please visit our "Worship" page for the YouTube link. 

If you have children, bring them along, they are most welcome

'Knowing Jesus and making Jesus known' is at the heart of our teaching which is centred on God's word, the Bible.

Music and its role in worship is a particular strength of our Church. The Open House services are led by our group of gifted musicians and include keyboards, guitars, wind and percussion. There is no formal choir.

You can find the entire Christian Bible online at: www.biblegateway.com

Latest approved PCC minutes - March 2021

Annual Report 2020 - Click here

After the service

After the service you are encouraged to join us for tea and coffee served in the Church room. 

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Safeguarding Contact numbers


Parish Safeguarding Officer for Addington is Nicola Budgen 01732 846749


The Safeguarding Team at Rochester


Greg Barry-Lead Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor 01634 56000/ 07585952174

Alison Jones- Safeguarding Administrator  01634 56000

The church is fully accessible