Family, Friends and Faith

Over this past year the BART churches have started a new venture — Messy Church. Perhaps you have been able to come to Messy Church in Ryarsh in May, in Birling in June, in Addington in September or in Trottsicliffe in October. It is a genuinely all-age event with something for everyone — bible stories, singing, craft and other activities and, of course, always food. It has been a joy to welcome so many people, many of whom may find Sunday morning worship is not always possible. Messy Church will continue next year, with events already planned; so please keep an eye on the BART website and Pilgrims.

I hope that Messy Church can be one among many ways that the BART churches can offer opportunities for our village communities, families and friends to come together, to share with each other and in the life and faith of the church.

Naturally everyone is always welcome to Sunday worship; but please come and join in other ways too.

Please remember that for our children and young people we have Stepping Stones and Boulders on a Friday afternoon/evening and look out for a new group for teenagers — Fusion.

We have a vision for our churches to be a focal point in our communities: so various churches have concerts and other community events throughout the year. Look ahead in this issue of Pilgrims for what is going on this month and please come and join in. Please check out all four villages, not just the one where you live.

Everyone is welcome to cafe in All Saints, Birling on a 3rd Saturday of the month. It is a place to chat and catch up over coffee and cake. We also welcome anyone who wants to have a go at hand-bell ringing, which happens at around 11am. At the moment we are hoping we can prepare a carol on the hand-bells in time for Christmas services.

A well as community events, our churches are, of course, important places to gather for worship, Sunday by Sunday and at special times. Each BART church will have a special service at 10.50am on Remembrance Day, 10th November. As always, all are invited and welcome.

Blessings in Christ