BART Group of Churches


  28th May to 5th June 2022

Important Update 10th May 2022

Dear Friends,
Greetings on the cusp of 'Known and Loved'!
I'm writing to you as we are now less than three weeks away from the launch of our 'Known and Loved' Mission Week.
Final plans are in the making and I am now in a position to share a few exciting updates regarding the Mission Week:

1. Known and Loved Launch Event
2. Known and Loved Prayer Event
3. "Go and Tell"

More details about each of these events can be found in the sections below.

Once again, many thanks for all your support.
Exciting times!!
God bless,

Known & Loved Launch Event
We thought it would be great to gather everyone together at the start of the
week in prayer and praise in order to commit the week ahead to the Lord.

This united gathered service is taking place on

Sunday 29th May at West Malling Baptist Church at 4:30pm

It would be great to come together as Lent Study Groups
ahead of the week and to join with Chris Duffett and the Team.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to this special launch event.

Known & Loved Prayer Event

Chris and the team arrive in Kent on Saturday 28th May in the afternoon. 

As we prepare for the coming week, we felt it significant and vital to cover the

different geographical areas involved in 'Known and Loved' in prayer.

We are inviting folk to join Chris, myself and the Team

at these locations at these times on that Saturday:

                         4.15pm           In Burham or Peters Village
                         5:00pm           Martin Square, Larkfield
                         5.30pm           Addington
                         6:00pm           Mereworth or Wateringbury
                         6.30pm           West Malling


We will be praying on location and committing the week ahead to the Lord.

Please do join with us at any point and at any location.



"Go and Tell" - Monday to Saturday

Each day, from Monday to Saturday, Chris and the team will be engaging

in an outside event we are calling "Go and Tell".

"Go and Tell" is a creative opportunity to connect with people at

different locations with the love of Jesus.


Each day you are invited to bring your packed lunch at 12:30pm at a specific location where you will receive a short briefing/training. Then at 1pm we will go out and meet people and connect with folk in really simple and creative ways. 


Chris has a deep experience of this type of ministry as a City Centre Chaplain in Peterborough and it provides us with a great learning opportunity

of helpful engagement.


Monday 30th May        9:30am            Briefing/training at Larkfield Methodist Ch
                                  10am to 12pm   Go and Tell in Martin Square, Larkfield
                                  12pm                 Packed Lunch
                                  12:30pm            Briefing/training Larkfield Methodist Ch
                                    1pm to 3pm     Go and Tell in Martin Square, Larkfield
Tuesday 31st May     12.30pm            Briefing/training in Addington
                                    1pm to 3pm     Go and Tell in Addington
Wednesday 1st June 12.30pm           Briefing/training in West Malling
                                    1pm to 3pm    Go and Tell in West Malling
Thursday 2nd June    12.30pm           Briefing/training in Wateringbury
                                     1pm to 3pm    Go and Tell in Wateringbury
Friday 3rd June         12.30pm            Briefing/training in Kings Hill
                                    1pm to 3pm     Go and Tell in Kings Hill
Saturday 4th June     12.30pm            Briefing/training in West Peckham
                                    1pm to 3pm     Go and Tell in West Peckham

More details regarding the briefing/training locations

will follow in the next week or so.