The church’s year is rightly full of celebrations: celebrations for God’s blessing and for his ongoing presence and work in his world.

This month, traditionally, sees the celebration of Harvest — as an opportunity to say thank you for the gift of the provision of our daily needs. Harvest time is also an opportunity for us to reflect on how we can take seriously our responsibility to see that all are provided for.

It is natural to want to say thank you for a gift.

The Bible tells us clearly that it is God who has given us the gift of creation and the ongoing sustaining of nature.

God set the earth on its foundation...
He waters the mountains...
He makes grass grow...
and plants for humankind to cultivate
Praise the Lord O my soul (Psalm 104)

So we can know who to thank; and in our Harvest services we take the opportunity to do just that — to thank God for his provision and blessing.

So we give thanks for all we have and, as we do, we are challenged also to consider what we can each do to facilitate a fairer sharing of global resources — resources that are still sufficient to provide for everyone. We are all challenged, in these days, to think carefully about our use of natural resources. Responding, practically, in a godly way to inequality and poverty challenges us to live our lives differently and to answer the ages-old question of Cain — for I am my brother’s and my sister’s keeper.

Blessings, in Christ


A Prayer for Harvest Thanksgiving

Eternal God,
you crown the year with your goodness
and you give us the fruits of the earth in their season:
grant that we may use them to your glory,
for the relief of those in need and for our own well-being. Amen
(from Common Worship)