What's going on in Trottiscliffe


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Breast Cancer Kent

breast cancer

Our usual coffee morning for this charity has not taken place this year, BUT the bees have still produced honey!

We normally ask for donations £5 for 12oz and £3.50  for 8oz.

If you would like some please contact Chris Dudley or Jane Howells - 

Thank you

Christmas cards - Get in early!

cardsJane Yates has been making recycled Christmas cards the proceeds going to Fields of Life.

Why not kill two birds with one stone and help save the planet whilst helping the underprivileged in Africa.

Please contact Jane on 01732 220925 and she will drop some round to your house. Prices are 40p for medium and 50p for large.            


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BART Community support

We are revising our scheme in BART to help people who may be self-isolating (having to stay at home because of the Coronavirus) or who may just need a helping hand.

Our team of volunteers can offer help with:

  • Collecting food shopping
  • Getting urgent supplies and prescriptions
  • Posting mail or running errands
  • A friendly phone call to check you are ok

We don’t want anyone to feel alone – don’t think twice 
about contacting us if you feel we can be useful!

The BART churches and the Parish Councils in Birling, Addington, Ryarsh and Trottiscliffe have come together to offer community support– it’s a village network to give help to anyone who may need it:

If you would like help or are offering help, please let us know…


·      BIRLING: Elizabeth Miller, 01732 849157, elizabethmiller@sent.com

·      ADDINGTON: John Humphrey, 01732 842662, thehumpies@gmail.com

·      RYARSH: Barbara Weatherill, 07884 160717, barbaraweatherill@icloud.com

·      TROTTISCLIFFE: Daphne Rowlands, 01732 820111, daphnerowlands@hotmail.com

·      Rev’d Linda Shuker, 01732 842249, dlshuker@aol.com

·      Or just by asking a friend or carer to contact us for you


If you would like us to help, we will ask your permission to hold your contact details for the period of time that we are lending you a hand and they will only be shared with those helping.

We will need the information on the attached file but can collect this over the phone or by email when you let us know you would like help.

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Jesus said: "I give you a new command: Love one another. Just as I have loved you"... 

John 13:34